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Tokyo Gas: surprise! I see! Gas World Energy self-sufficiency rate in Japan. In developed countries countries, it is at a lower level in the second. Japan 0 fiscal (created on the basis of a comprehensive energy statistics) Created based on the [Source] IEA [Energy Balance of OECD Countries 0] Japan scarce in resources, most of the energy resources and depends on imports from abroad, built on a fragile energy structure. Related information: best mix of power sources (the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan HP) We, the source of a stable supply of electric power, are you rely too much on the Middle East. [Source] created for Natural Resources and Energy Statistics Annual Report of the (0 years) based on The required crude oil of the split more as a fuel for thermal power generation, about the split of natural gas, political situation is dependent on the unstable Middle East. Primary energy demand of the world, is expected to continue to increase in the future. Primary energy demand of the world of 2.0 years, which is expected to increase from the current, there are concerns that the resource competition due to the increase in demand is more intense.

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